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Mikel Gaztelurrutia’s Walk is a wonderful record…”

“Superlative disc”

Universos Paralelos · 02/03/2017
“Splendid pianist (…) superlative disc (…) impressive communication between the three musicians …” Listen

“A great pianist”

Tomajazz · 04/02/2017
“It’s absolutely elegant composition and its way of playing the piano … a trio that works fantastically well …” Listen

“A step forward in the career of Mikel Gaztelurrutia”

La Galería / Radio Euskadi · 12/02/2017
“… it shows how solid the record has been, the good interaction between the three musicians … this interesting album is a step forward in the career of Mikel Gaztelurrutia (…)” Listen

“Pure rhythm on the keys of Gaztelurrutia”

Tomajazz · 30/01/2017
“Mikel Gaztelurrutia has given birth to a remarkable work of jazz…” Read more

“Walk” on Radio 3

Discópolis Jazz / Radio 3 · 29/01/2017
“(…) The album by Mikel Gaztelurrutia is very good, in this program there are good news and good music”. José Miguel López invites drummer Michael Olivera —collaborator of Mikel Gaztelurrutia— to talk about his latest projects. Listen

“Walk” in the newspaper Berria

Berria · 21/01/2017
Pianoa da diskoaren protagonista nagusia, eta inprobisazioak hartzen du lanera zatirik handiena… (Contents in basque) Read more

“Walk” in Euskadi Irratia

Kultur Leihoa / Euskadi Irratia · 04/01/2017
Bizitzari eta jazzari antzekotasun handiak somatzen dizkio Mikel Gaztelurrutia piano joleak… (Contents in basque) Listen

“I've tried to make a musical cocktail from The Road Less Traveled”

Radio Euskadi · 04/01/2017
In Walk, Mikel Gaztelurrutia has explored the rhythms of Afro-Cuban music as a way of approaching the origins of jazz. Listen

“Life is a rhythmic question”

Diario de Noticias · 24/12/2016
The eibarrés musician based in Pamplona publishes his second album, Walk, in trio format with Toño de Miguel (double bass) and Michael Olivera (drums and congas). Read more

Mikel Gaztelurrutia publishes “Walk”, an album of Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Diario de Navarra · 23/12/2016
Professor of jazz piano at the Conservatorio Superior de Navarra, Mikel Gaztelurrutia continues his musical career by publishing his second album, Walk, with which he wanted to claim the origins of jazz. In addition, this work aims to “bring jazz to the audience, making it affordable.” In this sense, it considers that the main attraction of the disc is its great rhythmic character. Read more

Review of the dance and jazz show “Yo!”

Diario de Noticias · 25/01/2011
(…) special mention to the music composed by Mikel Gaztelurrutia and his excellent version at the piano, as well as the performances of Hector Rojo on double bass and Miguel Angel Benito on drums (…) Read more